Why is culture change management for MDM so difficult?

Find out why culture change management for master data management (MDM) is such a big challenge for some companies. Also, learn about culture change management strategy and planning with insight from MDM expert Evan Levy.

Hannah Smalltree: Now can you tell us about culture change management? I know this is a big challenge. Why is culture change management for master data management (MDM) so difficult?

Evan Levy: Sure. Culture change management, in fact, can be a very intimidating concept for many folks. It doesn't need to be one when it comes to MDM. The concept of cultural change management is basically making the audience aware that change is going to happen and putting things in place to support their ability to consume the changes and be responsive to them. Many, many companies actually unknowingly have a fear against change and people do to because people are so afraid to make a mistake.

One of the aspects of being a successful in MDM, when I'm going to establish there's going to be a standard reference list of colors or products or customers, is communicating in advance to people these changes are going to occur and we're going to set things up, so you can communicate the issues you might have, be aware of what those difficulties or challenges might be. And also make sure there some amount of escalation of responsiveness so no one perceives an enormous amount of risk, necessarily, to change.

Hannah Smalltree: You make it sound so easy, but Baseline's whitepaper confirms that this might be the most challenging aspect of MDM for a lot of people. Why is that? Can you put culture change management for MDM in perspective for us?

Evan Levy: Well it can be easy and it doesn't need to be complicated. Usually what we find with many of our clients, and we've been working in this space for an amount of time now, is it's not about implementing these changes; it's about planning in advance. All too often what happens is all this energy is set up and focused on implementing MDM but no one's really focused on the deployment aspects. They assume the applications systems or other folks will deal with it. So, the problem occurs not because managing change is difficult but because it's neglected, unknowingly.

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