Who should manage an MDM implementation — IT or business?

Who should be responsible for managing master data and running an MDM implementation – IT or business? Hear an expert's take, including how the business side should define MDM requirements and IT should run the MDM implementation.

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Who should manage an MDM implementation: IT or business? 

Hannah Smalltree: Now, who should manage an MDM implementation — IT or business?

Jill Dyché: Yeah, it's a good question. We get it a lot. The business should manage the requirements piece. The business should own the business case. The business should have a vision for what common master data is. Now, IT should actually manage the deployment. And so, it's sort of that classic conversation we get into about IT-business alignment. Who should do what? And, really it's the same answer for MDM as it is for BI, and CRM. The business should own the requirements. They should understand the need pain or problem that master data is solving. What IT should do is own the deployment. Now the irony of master data management and where it is different than other systems is that we're finding that IT has to educate the business a little bit more on MDM than they had to with BI, which is essentially pretty mature now, or CRM where the business was very much the one with the vision on how to use the customer database.

With master data management, because it's so specialized, and because it's so nascent, IT is educating the business a little bit more. So, the order is a little bit different when it comes to the adoption of MDM. But, fundamentally, the answer's the same — business owns the requirements, IT owns the deployment.

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