What is data governance?

Hear an expert's answer to the question: What is data governance? Find out Jill Dyche's data governance definition in this MDM video and learn who should be responsible for managing data governance and establishing data processes within an organization.

Hannah Smalltree: Now here is one I'm sure you hear a lot. What is data governance?

Jill Dyché: So, data governance is actually the policy making and oversight from a business perspective of common enterprise master data or data in general, actually. So, what we're seeing with data governance is it's a business driven initiative where business people, ideally cross-functionally across organizations, are actually sitting down together through a common process, developing policies around the data, making decisions around the data, defining the data often for the first time in a consensus-driven way and actually sanctioning enterprise data and the use of that data. So, (it's) very much a policy-making set of processes.

We distinguish that from data management which is the tactical execution of those policies. So, we've got data governance as the business-driven initiative or set of initiatives and then we've got data management as the IT initiative for actually managing the data and a day-to-day basis.


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