What is data change management for MDM?

In this video Q/A you'll get a definition of data change management for master data management (MDM), learn data change management concepts and hear an example of data change management.

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What is data change management?

Hannah Smalltree: OK, now let's talk about data change management. Specifically, what do you mean by data change management?

Evan Levy: Well this is something that's going to be more aware and obvious to the technologists. Very often what you find in most companies is there's a very, very well-worn, well-understood concept of application change control and application change management. When there's new functions, new versions, new details available in IT, they communicate with everybody in advance, they schedule the activities and deployment and the business users are educated, "Hey, we have a new version of a CRM system" or "We have a new version of a data warehouse", "We have a few version of this application."

The concept of data change management is applying that same level of rigor, the same methods and practices against significant data changes. I think a good example is when an automobile manufacturer comes out with a new car line. They have to let manufacturers and supplies know well in advance how the car is going to operate, what the new parts and details are, what the new colors are. So, all this reference information, for example, needs to be communicated well in advance. The whole concept of data change management is when new reference information is made available, when it's documented, it needs to be communicated and scheduled in advance so there are no surprises.

Another way to look at it is simply when the post office comes out with a new zip codes or when the phone companies come out with new area codes, they actually have to work fairly effectively in communicating "This change is going to happen" so everybody can work with it.

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