What is business change management for MDM?

In this video Q/A get a definition of business change management and learn how to prepare business users for MDM with change management communication. Also, learn how business change management differs from business process reengineering.

Hannah Smalltree: In a Baseline Consulting whitepaper, Managing Data, Managing Change, you said there are three different kinds of change management—business change management, data change management and culture change management. I'd like to understand a little bit more about each of those kinds of change management. First of all, what is business change management?

Evan Levy: Well, the idea really… we've all heard about business process reengineering and business performance management, but the idea when it comes to understanding how master data management (MDM) will affect the business users is being aware that once I've implemented the MDM systems to support a business need, what activities, roles, responsibilities, can support the MDM activity.

All too often what you find is MDM has been implemented to support a business change, so we've gone and built the system, we created the new customer list, the new detail, and then we spring on the business users and they're not really sure how to be prepared for it. So part of the impact or awareness that needs to occur is making sure the business users understand how the technologists will engage with them to make them aware of the new changes the MDM system has delivered, how they can use that information, in fact, be involved.

Change Management for MDM FAQ Video Series table of contents:

Why is managing change challenging for master data management initiatives?
What is business change management for MDM?
Tips for aligning business and IT teams during MDM implementations
What is data change management for MDM?
IT change control vs. MDM data change management
Why is culture change management for MDM so difficult?
How to approach culture change management for MDM
Tips for MDM change management

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