What is a data competency center or data management competency center?

What is a data management competency center or a data competency center? Find out why having a group of data management specialists who are data centric and data skilled can help with master data management (MDM) projects and processes.

Hannah Smalltree: OK, what is a data competency center or a data management competency center?

Jill Dyché: What companies are realizing… you know, we ask our clients this a lot, particularly on our new data governance projects. It's sort of interesting — a lot of executives, a lot of business people want to do data governance and one of the questions we'll ask them is, "OK, we'll design the process for you, we'll get people to the table. Once we do that, what's your ability to execute all of these new policies that are coming down from the data governance process?" And the fact is very few companies understand what it's going to take to actually enact a lot of these new policies.

And so, what we're advocating here is the formulization of a data management organization. You can call it a Center of Excellence, you can call it a Competency Center. Or maybe it's just a group of specialists who are very data centric and data skilled. And, that's a departure for a lot of our clients right now. They sort of see data as a byproduct of the applications that use it, but what we're finding is data skills is very specialized and not all projects and not all applications know how to leverage those skills. So, if we can bring them together not only do we have a collective skill set but that skill set can function as a shared service to the business across applications and projects and they can also look upward to the data governance group and actually start to understand those policies and help enact and enforce them. So, it's very much a tactical implementation organization around data.


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