Video: Tips for MDM change management

In this MDM change management video, get advice and change management tips, learn why planning is key for any culture change management initiative and get best practices from MDM expert, Evan Levy.

Hannah Smalltree: I'd like to close with one big, overarching take away about master data management (MDM) change management. What's the one thing you'd like our audience to remember about MDM change management?

Evan Levy: MDM change management isn't as complex as business processing reengineering. It doesn't need to be as complex as business change management. Really, it's about organizing and being prepared and scheduling those details to support the business users and the application systems. If there's one thing we can offer as a take away or a suggestion, it's just plan in advance.

Hannah Smalltree: Thank you, Evan Levy, partner and co-founder of Baseline Consulting. To learn more about Baseline Consulting visit

Evan Levy: Hannah, it's been a pleasure being here and thanks for the opportunity to talk about MDM.

Hannah Smalltree: And thank you to all of you for joining us today. I'm Hannah Smalltree, editorial director for TechTarget's Enterprise Applications Media Group. Remember, on you can find many more resources, advice and tutorials about master data management. Thanks for joining us and have a great day.

Change Management for MDM FAQ Video Series table of contents:

Why is managing change challenging for master data management initiatives?
What is business change management for MDM?
Tips for aligning business and IT teams during MDM implementations
What is data change management for MDM?
IT change control vs. MDM data change management
Why is culture change management for MDM so difficult?
How to approach culture change management for MDM
Tips for MDM change management

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