Tips for aligning business and IT teams during MDM implementations

Starting a change management initiative for master data management (MDM)? Find tips for aligning business and IT teams during MDM implementations and learn about the importance of IT-business communication skills in this MDM video.

Hannah Smalltree: I hear you talking about process and policies and business-oriented things. In places where master data management (MDM) is an IT initiative, how does the IT implementation team actually work with the business to make that happen?

Evan Levy: I think it's important to realize that when MDM activities occur it's not purely an IT activity. Usually what you find is the automation aspect and technology aspect of MDM where IT is facilitating or leading it. But truly the issue about IT communication with the business users is making sure they understand how MDM systems or the MDM infrastructures are going to improve the business processes, providing new reference data, more timely reference data, as well as making sure the business users understand "hey, when you have changes now, you want to add a new color, a new product, there's customer data that needs to be updated." In fact, the business users know how to engage with IT and use and leverage the system that's been built to improve the business processes themselves.

Change Management for MDM FAQ Video Series table of contents:

Why is managing change challenging for master data management initiatives?
What is business change management for MDM?
Tips for aligning business and IT teams during MDM implementations
What is data change management for MDM?
IT change control vs. MDM data change management
Why is culture change management for MDM so difficult?
How to approach culture change management for MDM
Tips for MDM change management

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