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SMAC stack offers more strategic data role for IT teams

Jill Dyché, a business intelligence and data management consultant who now works as vice president of best practices at software vendor SAS Institute Inc., is the author of an upcoming book on the evolving role of IT organizations, titled The New IT and due for publishing in January 2015. In a video interview with SearchDataManagement recorded at the 2014 Pacific Northwest BI Summit in Grants Pass, Ore., Dyché discussed some of the issues she addresses in the book, including the emergence of what's known as the SMAC stack and what it means for CIOs, IT managers and their teams.

SMAC is an acronym for social, mobile, analytics and cloud -- a combination of technologies that Dyché said can help IT move beyond its traditional role of "maintaining the dial tone" on corporate systems and networks. Deployments of the SMAC technologies, along with management approaches that treat data as a tangible corporate asset, can enable CIOs to engage in "more strategic and business-oriented conversations" with their C-level counterparts and business executives, she said. "Those components in the SMAC stack really give them a new relevance, and a new pretext for conversations around how IT can drive business value."

The growing adoption of new executive positions, such as the chief data officer and chief digital officer, is also aiding in the evolution of IT and data management roles toward a more strategic and less operational orientation, according to Dyché. In her book, she details six different models of the IT department of the future, based on different organizational cultures and structures. Watch the two-minute video to hear more of what she had to say about the new look of the IT department and its changing -- and, perhaps, increasing -- value proposition for businesses.

Text by Craig Stedman, executive editor.

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