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Oracle database cloud floated at OpenWorld; Java 8 eyed at JavaOne

TechTarget editor Joe Hebert investigates the recent Oracle OpenWorld and JavaOne conferences in this episode of BizApps Today, with Mark Fontecchio, Business Applications and Architecture Media Group news director, and Barry Burd, professor of mathematics and computer science at Drew University and author of several books on Java, offering insight into the events.

First, Fontecchio discusses Larry Ellison's first OpenWorld keynote in his new role as Oracle's CTO. Some technical issues aside, Fontecchio says Ellison "was still Larry, and his personality came through." As is his wont, the former CEO got in some jabs at competitors -- such as Salesforce.com, Workday and SAP -- drawing plenty of chuckles from conference attendees.

But the cloud was the main focus of his speech, and Fontecchio describes Ellison's announcement of a new Oracle Database cloud platform as "probably the most substantial news of the week" at OpenWorld. He says the cloud database service is designed to let Oracle shops "take an Oracle database instance that's on-premises and, with the push of a button, send it to the cloud."

Fontecchio also relays some of the other discussion topics at the San Francisco event, including database performance issues and challenges. Do you remember Ellen DeGeneres' "Oscar selfie" during the 2014 Academy Awards? The smartphone shot of her surrounded by a group of other A-list celebrities was retweeted so many times, it nearly broke Twitter. In an excerpt from a video interview recorded by Fontecchio at OpenWorld, Calvin Sun, a senior engineering manager at the social media company, explains some of the problems Twitter faced in handling the massive traffic produced by that one photo.

Hebert then turns the camera on another Oracle conference held simultaneously in the City by the Bay: JavaOne. In a clip from an interview with executive editor Jan Stafford, Burd offers his take on user adoption of the most recent versions of the Java programming language, including Java 8, which Oracle rolled out last March. Burd says he was encouraged by the results of an informal poll in a JavaOne session that showed a large majority of the audience was using Java 7, and he goes so far as to predict that, by next year's conference, most Java users will be on version 8.

Do you agree with Burd? Will Ellison thrive in his new role? Will users flock to the Oracle database cloud? Join the conversation about those -- and other -- business applications, as well as information management and application development topics on Facebook and Twitter.

Email Joe Hebert at jhebert@techtarget.com and follow him on Twitter: @jhbrt_TT.

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