In customer data integration, is a "customer" always an individual?

What is customer data integration for a B2B company? Find out the benefits of CDI or customer-driven master data management (MDM) for a B2B company and learn how to handle B2B integration with expert advice and best practices.

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In customer data integration, is a "customer" always an individual?

Hannah Smalltree: In customer data integration or master data management for
customer data, as some people call it, is a customer always an individual?
What about in the case of like a B2B company? How does that work?

Jill Dyché: In fact, we're seeing a lot of our clients that are
adopting CDI, start with B2B companies. And one of the inherent
benefits of CDI, or customer driven MDM, is the fact that not
only can we track individuals or parties, but we can actually
track companies, as well, which are collections of individuals or
groups of individuals. We work a lot in health care and pharma,
and what we're finding is the need not only to track doctors but
to track their membership in hospital networks or their
membership in group practices. And those could be two different
things for the same doctor. Not to mention their affiliation
with universities etc., etc. So it's not only just about
companies and their subsidiaries. It's about groups and
associations of people, and managing those hierarchies and those
groupings and those associations in a sustained way. And that's
part of what most MDM technologies will do for you.


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In customer data integration, is a customer always an individual?
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