IT change control vs. MDM data change management

Learn about IT change control vs. change management and the differences between IT change control and data change management for master data management. Get insight about procedures and process for both IT change control and data change management.

Hannah Smalltree: Now I understand that master data management (MDM) change management is pretty different from IT change control that some of our audience might be more familiar with. So what is the difference between data change management for MDM and IT change control?

Evan Levy: Well, the rigor and methods are very, very similar. I think the difference, in fact, is who's the constituent, who are the participants that are going to be involved in the change control and change management process. Very often what you find is most applications are functionally-oriented. Those folks who use the functions, in fact, will be made aware of the changes.

Data change management, because it touches so many areas of the business, in fact, now you're going to engage business-users and more cross-functional groups in that matter. I think a good example would be if a new building becomes available or a new office becomes available, how do you tell people here are the new phone extensions, here's what the location is. That's a concept of data change management: "I want to make the appropriate business-users available… aware of the new data."

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IT change control vs. MDM data change management
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