How to approach culture change management for MDM

Learn how to approach culture change management for master data management (MDM). Get tips, advice and insight on culture change management implementation and how to plan for future MDM initiatives.

Hannah Smalltree: So how should people approach culture change management? You mentioned planning; any other tips?

Evan Levy: Well, I think what you need to be aware of when you start with your master data management (MDM) journey, is you don't want to pick something that's going to affect the entire company on day one. You want to start small, identify maybe an activity that focuses on an individual business group or maybe just an organization and work through what the changes are for them. What you can then do is use that as a template, so as you grow the audience to a larger organization or, in fact, move to other subject areas it becomes a little more "tried and true" experience to work with, so you're not guessing.

I think the big "tried and true" tip we found is if you're guessing, get with the stakeholders themselves and say, "You know something? Lo-and-behold, we're going to be changing this information, here's how we'll be updating reference information. "How will that affect you?" You'll get a lot of good feedback and that'll help you prepare.

Change Management for MDM FAQ Video Series table of contents:

Why is managing change challenging for master data management initiatives?
What is business change management for MDM?
Tips for aligning business and IT teams during MDM implementations
What is data change management for MDM?
IT change control vs. MDM data change management
Why is culture change management for MDM so difficult?
How to approach culture change management for MDM
Tips for MDM change management

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