Can one MDM hub handle both customer and product data?

In this master data management (MDM) best practices video, find out if it's possible for one MDM hub to handle both customer and product data at once. Plus, learn why it makes sense for organizations to have two different MDM hubs if they have multiple data domains.

Hannah Smalltree: Can one MDM hub handle both customer and product data?

Jill Dyché: Now you've been talking to some of the big vendors, Hannah. In fact, it's very difficult for a single product to do both customer and product MDM at the same time. Now a single vendor may have different solutions under the covers that handle those individual things but in fact the business tools for different data domains are so different that MDM is usually subject oriented and subject area specific. So, in as much as a single vendor may have different products or different solutions for different types of master data there's very rarely a single product that handles all kind of master data. It's important to differentiate that, too, from data warehouses which actually do combine different types of master data for analytics purposes but, in terms of operations MDM, we really are talking about subject area specificity from processes and operations MDM.

Hannah Smalltree: So, does that mean you might have two different MDM hubs if you have multiple data domains?

Jill Dyché: Absolutely. In fact, a lot of our clients that started with CDI are customer MDM and have their solution there and now are looking at location MDM, for example, or financial MDM. (They) are actually looking at different vendors and different solutions because the business rules are so different and unlike analytics you don't necessary have to join that data between hubs. If you need to join that data you probably joining it to analyze it, so it should be in your data warehouse.

Hannah Smalltree: Thank you, Jill Dyché.

Jill Dyché: Thank you, Hannah Smalltree.

Hannah Smalltree: Thanks again, Jill. You can learn more about Jill Dyché and Baseline Consulting at their website, Once again, I'm Hannah Smalltree for TechTarget's Enterprise Applications Media Group. You've been listening to an MDM FAQ produced by Thanks for joining us and have a great day.


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Can one MDM hub handle both customer and product data?

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