IBM DB2 9 Fundamentals certification (exam 730): Sample question No. 4

Test your knowledge of IBM DB2 9 by answering this sample question from the IBM DB2 9 Fundamentals certification exam.

The following question is taken from DB2 9 Fundamentals Certification Study Guide, by Roger E. Sanders (copyright 2007) and is reprinted here with permission from MC Press.

Test your knowledge of DB2 9 by answering the question below, which is from a real, previous DB2 9 Fundamentals exam (exam 730). When you are finished, check your answer and read an explanation using the answer key.


IBM DB2 9 Fundamentals certification exam study guide


A table contains a list of all seats available at a football stadium. A seat consists of a section number, a seat number, and whether or not the seat has been assigned. A ticket agent working at the box office generates a list of all unassigned seats. When the agent refreshes the list, it should only change if another agent assigns one or more unassigned seats. Which of the following is the best isolation level to use for this application?

A. Repeatable Read


B. Read Stability


C. Cursor Stability


D. Uncommitted Read



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