IBM DB2 9 Fundamentals certification (Exam 730): Sample question No. 5

Answer a sample question about LIKE clauses from the IBM DB2 9 Fundamentals certification exam (Exam 730) to prepare you for the test.

The following question is taken from DB2 9 Fundamentals Certification Study Guide, by Roger E. Sanders (copyright...

2007) and is reprinted here with permission from MC Press.

Test your knowledge of DB2 9 by answering the question below, which is from a real, previous DB2 9 Fundamentals exam (exam 730). 

When you are finished, check your answer and read an explanation using the answer key.

IBM DB2 9 Fundamentals certification exam study guide

Which of the following is a valid wildcard character in a LIKE clause of a SELECT statement?

A. %
B. *
C. ?
D. /

This was last published in September 2007

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