IBM DB2 9 Fundamentals certification (Exam 730): Answer key No. 6

Get the answer and a detailed explanation to a sample question from the IBM DB2 9 Fundamentals certification exam (Exam 730) study guide.

IBM DB2 9 Fundamentals certification exam answer key


The correct answers are A and B: -- VALUES degf_to_c(32) and SELECT date, degf_to_c(temp) AS temp_c FROM temp_data.

How a user-defined function is invoked depends a lot on what it has been designed to do; scalar user-defined functions can be invoked as an expression in the select list of a query while table and row functions must be referenced by the FROM clause.

Because theuser-defined function used in this example is a scalar function that only returns a single value...

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This was last published in September 2007

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