Data management guides & tutorials: Basics and beyond's learning guides and tutorials are designed to help data management professionals (both IT and business) learn more about data management technologies.'s learning guides and tutorials are designed to help data management professionals (both IT and business) learn more about data management technologies including evaluating and purchasing data warehouse platforms and appliances, setting up a data governance and stewardship process, creating a data quality project on a shoestring budget, mastering the basics of master data management and much more. Feel free to drop us an e-mail if you'd like us to cover other data management technologies, processes or trends in a learning guide or tutorial.


Data management essential guides and tutorials

Big data applications: Real-world strategies for managing big data
This guide highlights case studies on managing big data systems across various industries, with tips on mixing data warehousing and big data tools. Product Directory Library
These data management product directories are designed to provide information to assist businesses big and small evaluate and purchase data management software. Our product directories contain basic information about vendors and products in specific categories — data quality, business intelligence (BI), data warehousing and master data management (MDM). Each directory is interactive, filled with links designed to enhance your experience, and each one is downloadable as a PDF, so you can print it out and refer back to it whenever you need.

Data Management video library
In out data management video library, you'll find tips and best practices advice in interviews with reknowned data management experts. Get quick info on master data management (MDM) technologies, how to prepare and implement change management for MDM projects, setting up a successful data stewardship program and much more.

Data Management bookshelf 
In our data management bookshelf readers will find a wide selection of free sample chapters from industry-renowned books on data management technologies and practices. This library is regularly updated with excerpts from books about BI, compliance and security, enterprise data integration (EDI), data warehousing, data quality, data governance, MDM and other data management topics. Both business and IT professionals can benefit from these valuable resources. Each book excerpt links to the publisher, website where you can purchase the title and a downloadable PDF version of the excerpt.

Data management podcasts: Audio download library
Access the data management podcast library to listen to or download podcasts about on data integration, data quality, data warehousing, MDM and more. You'll get expert advice and tips, learn about industry trends and get ideas on how to make your different data management technologies more efficient and successful.

Data warehouse and DBMS guides
Data warehouse appliance guide and special report
The data warehouse market is growing fast, and in particular there's been increased interest in data warehouse appliances. The high level of interest in appliances is causing many data warehouse vendors to change their strategies and jostle for position in what is becoming a red-hot part of the warehousing market. In this data warehouse appliance special report, we've compiled informative articles, case studies, best-practices advice and reports on the latest data warehouse appliance trends and technology in the industry.

Crash course: DB2 basics
Make this DB2 Basics guide your resource for learning about and staying current on every aspect of DB2. Answer sample DB2 9 certification exam questions, get fundamental DB2 terms and definitions, listen to podcasts with industry experts about DB2 basics and certifications, get the latest DB2 news and expert advice and access DB2 product manuals.

Data warehouse platform product directory
This comprehensive PDF guide is designed to be a valuable resource for companies getting started with the data warehouse platform evaluation process, completing a data warehouse assessment or researching and evaluating optimized data warehouses in the market. This directory also features an article on criteria for choosing the right data warehouse platform, advantages/disadvantages and differences of different data warehouse architecture types and best practices for the selection process.

Data quality and governance guides
How to improve data quality on a tight budget
Many organizations may be tempted to forgo data quality management during a recession, but it is important that organizations assess the ROI of quality data, according to industry experts. In this guide, you'll learn how to manage data quality efforts during an economic downturn and find out what trends are emerging in the data quality market. You'll also learn about common mistakes, how to avoid the pitfalls of poor data and how the right tools and strategies can improve poor data quality.

Data quality management software product directory
Get an overview of the top data quality vendors and their software with this interactive directory. You'll find detailed descriptions of hosted data quality applications and on-premise tools for organizations of all types and sizes. This product directory is your best resource as you go through the software evaluation process. You'll also get data quality advice on how to align business and IT priorities; getting the right people on the team to make the decision; preparing end users for the change; and how the vendors' strategic road maps align with your own corporate goals.

Learning guide: Data quality
Here you'll find articles, white papers, advice and resources to help you better manage and leverage your company's data. From an introduction to data quality-related terms to understanding the innovations in tools and technology, this is your best resource for getting started on the right foot with your data quality initiative.

All-In-One-Guide: Data quality management and data governance
Data governance, data stewardship and new or modified business processes are often required to implement data quality management programs that will stand the test of time. But the potentials returns of effective data quality make these programs worth the time and money, experts say, and can enhance the value of other initiatives, such as BI and MDM. In this tutorial, business and IT leaders alike will find essential guidance, best practices, technology recommendations and other advice for implementing sound data quality management and data governance programs.

Master data management (MDM) and data integration guides MDM platform product directory
This directory is designed to be a valuable resource for those getting started with the MDM process, completing an MDM assessment, or researching and evaluating MDM vendors and tools in the market. Use the directory listings to find MDM, product information management (PIM) or customer data integration (CDI) technologies that can help your organization get a single view of its data and improve data management processes companywide.

Top 13 MDM buzzwords and definitions 
To help you get started (or reacquainted) with MDM, we've compiled a list of 13 top terms in this market, including data governance, product information management (PIM), enterprise master patient index (EMPI), MDM hub and more. Each MDM definition is linked to useful MDM tutorials, training, advice and articles to help you optimize MDM initiatives at your organization.

All-In-One-Guide: Master data management (MDM)
MDM, customer data integration (CDI) and product information management (PIM) programs require complex changes to people, processes, organizational culture and technology. Help ensure success with this all-in-one guide, a resource with MDM, CDI and PIM best practices, implementation guidelines and technology tips.

Learning guide: Customer data integration
Here you'll find articles, white papers, advice and resources to help you better integrate and leverage your customers' data across the enterprise. From an introduction to CDI-related terms to understanding the innovations in CDI tools and technology, this is your best resource for getting started on the right foot with your customer data integration initiative.

All-In-One-Guide: Data integration
This tutorial covers every aspect of data integration in the enterprise. Learn about ETL, EAI, EII, CDI, MDM and other integration practices or get more information about technology tools, trends and techniques. This guide offers expert advice, definitions of common terms, podcasts, news and chapter downloads to educate you or your colleagues about data integration.

Top eight data and application integration definitions and buzzwords
To help you brush up on your integration vocabulary, we've compiled a list of eight top terms in the integration market, including ETL, EAI, real-time integration and more. Each data and application integration definition is linked to useful integration tutorials, training, expert advice and articles to help you optimize integration projects at your organization.

Compliance guides
All-In-One-Guide: Corporate compliance tutorial
Two words come to mind when the conversation turns to compliance: costly and confusing. But, let this tutorial be your corporate compliance resource, whether you want to learn about Sarbanes-Oxley compliance, healthcare (HIPAA), regulatory compliance or auditing. This tutorial covers corporate compliance issues from beginning to end.

Business intelligence (BI) guides and tutorials via
Key considerations for BI platform consolidation
In a recent study by Boston-based Forrester Research, close to 80% of companies polled said they use three or more BI products. According to experts, it is important for organizations to consider consolidating BI systems, but this is not as easy as it sounds. There are many reasons why organizations choose not to consolidate, while doing so effectively is quite a challenge.

Getting started with dashboards and scorecards
Many executives and business users use dashboards to understand how their business is performing. But in some organizations, dashboards are underutilized or underappreciated. It is a perpetual challenge for dashboard designers to present up-to-date information in a clear, concise manner that encourages interaction and meaningful results. In this guide, learn advanced strategies for creating actionable, interactive and user-friendly dashboards that will help your organization track KPIs. Learn how to get started with dashboards, find out what a dashboard is and what it is not, and discover how to gather input from business users about what they need in their dashboards

SaaS BI software, technology and market guide
SaaS BI software isn't as new of a technology as some people may think. And with IT budgets still getting tighter and tighter at many organizations, the time might be ripe for more companies to turn to SaaS BI tools as an alternate BI deployment method. But is SaaS BI really less expensive than traditional on-premise BI suites, and does it offer any advantages and benefits that on-premise BI platforms don't? What are the risks of SaaS BI and where is the market heading? You can find the answers to these questions and more in our SaaS BI software, technology and market guide.

BI software product purchasing criteria
Learn what questions to ask when purchasing business intelligence (BI) software products, BI reporting tools or other BI technology. In this guide, you'll get expert advice on BI buying criteria and building a BI team. You'll also find out if you need to write a request for proposal (RFP), learn how to evaluate BI vendors and get expert advice in this BI software buying guide.

Business intelligence product directory
Discover the top BI products and vendors and begin your business intelligence software comparison with this interactive product directory. Learn about business intelligence reporting software for enterprise organizations, midmarket companies and small businesses and find out which vendors provide on-demand BI and on-premise BI software. This product directory will help you evaluate BI and find the best BI software for your business needs. Plus, get expert advice from William McKnight on evaluating and purchasing a BI product that will meet the needs of your organization.

An executive's guide to customer data analytics and customer intelligence
It's no secret that there's valuable knowledge contained in customer data – if you can extract it. The challenge facing many organizations is exactly how to deploy analytics to unlock insight from customer data. This online guide offers an executive overview of customer data analytics and customer intelligence, with deployment advice and best practices from top performers.


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