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Quiz: Improving your data governance and data stewardship program

Do you know what it takes for an effective data governance structure to take root in an organization? Take this quiz and find out.

Implementing an effective data governance and data stewardship program can be challenging, especially when you're balancing such considerations as ownership of the data, the need for different departments to access information, and the growing adoption of big data technologies and big data analytics applications. Take this brief quiz and test your knowledge of what's needed to build a solid governance program.

To learn more about implementing successful data governance and data stewardship programs in your organization, see our guide, Building an effective data governance framework.

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Data stewardship program will help in improving your data governance also. However, Implementation is still a challenging task. The big data technologies and applications will help in taking care of data items on a large scale. If someone answers the question correctly, it means that you have a knowledge of the subject.