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Quiz: How do relational databases and NoSQL technologies compare?

Take this quiz to see what you know about the recent developments in the world of RDBMS and NoSQL databases technologies.

More and more database choices are becoming available to meet data processing needs. For example, NoSQL technologies are encroaching on the dominance of relational databases, which guarantee data and transaction integrity but typically impose rigid SQL-based schemas for structuring and storing data. Now, as businesses look at the options, the myriad NoSQL databases that have emerged in recent years offer alluring features for managing varied and frequently changing sets of big data. Meanwhile, many of the mainstay RDBMS vendors are bumping up their database offerings with NoSQL capabilities. Test your knowledge of relational and NoSQL database technologies with this brief quiz.

This was last published in May 2014

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Problem is, your Question #3 is inaccurate - I got the answer "right" but that's only because I know the common misperception that you are repeating. There *is* one NoSQL database that has that has enterprise-grade security, ACID, HA/DR, etc.: MarkLogic..