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Understanding master data management and service-oriented architectures, with IBM's Dan Wolfson

Learn about the relationship between master data management systems and service-oriented architectures, from IBM engineer and author Dan Wolfson.

Understanding and implementing master data management (MDM) systems may be a priority for many organizations, but successful MDM implementations involve more than just the right technology. According to Dan Wolfson -- distinguished engineer and chief architect with IBM, and co-author of Enterprise Master Data Management: An SOA Approach to Managing Core Information (2008, IBM Press) -- organizations are wondering: "How do you understand MDM from an architectural perspective -- not just the products that implement MDM, but how the pieces fit together?"

So spoke with Dan Wolfson to learn more about the relationship between service-oriented architectures (SOAs) and MDM, the role of a "reference architecture" and more.

In this 12-minute podcast, appropriate for business or IT professionals, listeners will:


  • Learn more about the relationship between MDM and SOA and what value MDM systems can provide SOAs.
  • Find out what many organizations reported about their MDM experiences, which inspired Wolfson and his colleagues to write the book.
  • Hear what a "reference architecture" is and its relevance to MDM deployments.
  • Learn two reasons why many organizations don't seem to be ready for the MDM technology being offered today.
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Understanding master data management and service-oriented architectures, with IBM's Dan Wolfson

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About the speaker:
Dan Wolfson is an IBM Distinguished Engineer and the chief architect and CTO for the Information Platform and Solutions segment of the IBM Information Management Division of the IBM Software Group. He is responsible for architecture and technical leadership across the rapidly growing areas of information integration, master data management and industry models. Dan's previous roles include CTO for business integration software and chief architect for information integration solutions. Dan has over 20 years of experience in research and commercial distributed computing ranging over transaction and object-oriented systems, software fault tolerance, messaging, information integration, business integration, metadata management and database systems.

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