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Touched by analytics: Scenes from Gartner business intelligence event

In the latest Talking Data podcast, SearchCIO's Nicole Laskowski reports on doings at the recent Gartner business intelligence summit.

Building a culture of "big data" is a central trend in corporations today, according to Nicole Laskowski, senior news writer for

In a Talking Data podcast, Laskowski shared this and other analytics insights garnered as part of her coverage of the recent Gartner Business Intelligence and Analytics Summit held in Las Vegas. The summit is one of the premier events on the data calendar.

Although automation and digitization are front and center in most of today's big data discussions, it seems people are still the key part of the analytics equation, Laskowski said. She told Talking Data podcast moderator Jack Vaughan that Gartner analysts emphasized that different players must combine to make big data decisions, and the effect that has on ultimate data outcomes.

Different personas -- for example, tech evangelists, pragmatists and skeptics -- comprise the teams that bring big data projects to completion, the Gartner crew concludes.

"Analytics is at a tipping point, and rather than staying within siloes in the organization, analytics is going to become so powerful that it is going to cut across organizations. Probably, a majority of employees in businesses are going to be touched by analytics," Laskowski said.

Centers of excellence that build business intelligence and analytics know-how and then spread it through the organization are a route favored by some people, the reporter said, while noting that contrarian approaches designed to work from the bottom-up are favored by others.

Listen to this six-minute podcast and read more about the topic in SearchCIO's TotalCIO blog. During the podcast you will:

  • Find a discussion of roles and personas in business analytics
  • Learn whether the larger workforce will become data-savvy or the data specialists will continue to dominate
  • Hear about the pros and cons of so-called BI centers of excellence

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