Tips on creating a data governance policy, framework for your company

Get expert advice on how to set up and manage a data governance policy and framework. Hear an overview of data governance trends and common roadblocks on data governance programs.

Data governance remains an elusive concept for many organizations that are struggling to create effective processes for managing and controlling their data. This podcast with Gwen Thomas of the Data Governance Institute provides an overview of recent developments in data governance and expert advice on how to set up and manage a data governance framework, policy and program for your organization.

In the 22-minute podcast, which is suitable for both IT professionals and business executives, listeners will hear:

  • A discussion of key data governance trends and what they mean for organizations that are implementing or planning governance initiatives (01:20)
  • Insight on how well understood data governance is within IT departments and business operations  (03:39)
  • Guidance on selling data governance internally, including how to explain the importance and potential benefits of a data governance policy to corporate and business-unit executives (07:21)
  • An expert’s take on the level of involvement and control that business users should have in data governance programs (12:39)
  • Whether you need to set up a data governance council in order to make a governance program work  (14:22)
  • Tips on how to get started on and manage data governance efforts and common roadblocks to watch out for (17:23)

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Tips on creating a data governance policy, framework for your company

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About the speaker: Gwen Thomas is the president and founder of the Data Governance Institute, which offers consulting and training services in the areas of data governance and data stewardship as well as a variety of information resources on those topics. Thomas has personally helped companies such as American Express, Sallie Mae, Wachovia Bank and Disney to build or mature their data governance and stewardship programs. She also is a frequent presenter at industry events, a regular contributor to IT and business publications, and the author of the book Alpha Males and Data Disasters: The Case for Data Governance.

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