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Talking Data podcast: Big data variety has continental flavor

Brian McKenna joins the Talking Data podcast crew to look at differences in managing and analyzing big data as handled by IT shops in the U.K. and continental Europe.

As a whole, continental European IT shops may be working successfully with more big data variety and broader sets of analytics tools in production applications, while many of their counterparts in the U.K. appear to be bogged down with Hadoop proof-of-concept projects, according to Brian McKenna, business applications editor at TechTarget's Computer Weekly website in London. 

Data from a Teradata survey on adoption of big data analytics processes suggests the disparity, which has some precedence in past European technology trends, McKenna told moderator Jack Vaughan of SearchDataManagement in this Talking Data podcast. It may be possible at times for information technology uptake in the U.K. to be more influenced by the latest bells and whistles emanating from Silicon Valley in the U.S. than is the case on the European continent, McKenna suggested. For his part, Vaughan wondered whether the twain -- data center-derived Hadoop storage pools and user-facing analytics -- shall someday meet. In this special edition of the podcast series, dubbed "The Trans-Atlantic Dispatch," McKenna also related some of the highlights from an interview with Jonathan Klein, MicroStrategy Inc.'s president and chief legal officer, in the wake of the software vendor's European user conference in Barcelona, Spain. Long a business intelligence mainstay, MicroStrategy is currently in the middle of some BI market ferment as newer vendors push against the older guard. But, McKenna said, MicroStrategy shows confidence in its ability to respond with new mobile tools for analytics. He contrasted its outlook with that of more recent BI contender Birst Inc. In another interview with McKenna, Birst CEO Jay Larson emphasized a general move to BI on the cloud, which could upend the analytics status quo for business users across the board. The podcasters also discuss the notion of rogue departmental BI applications that tend to dwell well outside the strict realm of IT.

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