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Talking Data goes to MongoDB World

In this episode of the Talking Data podcast, the editors review happenings at the recent MongoDB World event. Apt use cases for this NoSQL-style database were discussed.

The recent MongoDB World conference in New York City was the first of its kind, drawing 2,000 attendees intent on learning the ins and outs of MongoDB Inc.'s NoSQL database system. While its first home may have been mostly among modern Web startups, the MongoDB software is finding use in established enterprises as well, according to TechTarget editors Ed Burns and Jack Vaughan. They discuss highlights of the event in the latest edition of the Talking Data podcast.

Among several takeaways from MongoDB World: Some best-case design patterns for MongoDB are becoming apparent. These include uses as a data-caching layer and a data integration hub working with highly variable, often changing data schema. Listen to the podcast and learn more about one in a host of interesting database types to emerge of late.

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