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Real-world tips for improving BI performance, data warehousing systems

Get real-world tips and techniques for improving BI performance and data warehousing systems. Learn how in-database, in-memory analytics & data virtualization affects performance.

Podcast: Real-world tips and techniques for improving data warehousing and BI performance

Organizations are continually looking for ways to improve the performance of their data warehousing and business intelligence (BI) systems. And data warehousing and BI performance improvements are becoming even more important as companies broaden their deployments of BI tools to include more business users and emerging concepts such as operational BI and real-time BI take hold.

This podcast interview with consultant Rick Sherman of Athena IT Solutions provides practical advice on how to get faster performance from data warehousing and BI systems, both during the development process and after they’ve been deployed. Sherman also offers guidance on getting executive buy-in and funding for performance improvement initiatives, including purchases of new technologies.

In the 20-minute podcast, listeners will:

  • Hear an overview of potential performance bottlenecks in data warehousing and BI systems (01:00)
  • Find out why data warehousing and BI performance is becoming a bigger issue for many companies (02:45)
  • Hear tips on what they can do when building data warehousing and BI systems to avoid performance issues later on (05:10)
  • Learn about new and emerging data warehousing technologies that may be able to speed up data loading and query processing performance (08:40)
  • Find out about in-database analytics, in-memory analytics, data virtualization and other BI technologies that can boost the throughput of analytic applications (11:15)
  • Get tips on how to build a business case and win corporate approval for deploying advanced data warehousing and BI technologies (16:05)

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Real-world tips and techniques for improving data warehousing and BI performance

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Learn more about improving data warehousing systems and business intelligence (BI) performance:

Rick Sherman: Real-world tips for improving BI performance, data warehousing systemsAbout the speaker: Rick Sherman is the founder of Athena IT Solutions, a Stow, Mass.-based firm that provides data warehouse and business intelligence consulting, training and vendor services. In addition to having more than 20 years of experience in the IT business, Sherman is a published author of more than 50 articles, a frequent industry speaker, an Information Management Innovative Solution Awards judge and an expert contributor to both and He can be found blogging at The Data Doghouse and can be reached at

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