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On the road with master data management strategies and open data

TechTarget reporters share their views on Gartner's recent MDM Summit and an IBM Smarter Cities confab at Boston University in a fast-paced podcast.

Jack VaughanJack Vaughan

The ins and outs of data strategy planning were first and foremost on the agendas at Gartner Inc.'s overlapping Master Data Management and Business Intelligence and Analytics summits last month in Grapevine, Texas. One week prior to the Gartner conferences, the course of data integration and open data access initiatives for the civic good was discussed at an IBM-sponsored forum on "smarter cities" in Boston. TechTarget reporters covered each of the events, and they shared their impressions of the proceedings in two podcasts moderated by Scot Petersen, editorial director of TechTarget's Business Applications and Architecture Media Group.

Nicole LaskowskiNicole

In discussing the Gartner MDM Summit in this podcast, SearchDataManagement's Jack Vaughan said business capability modeling came into view at the conference. This branch of enterprise architecture development tries to connect MDM efforts -- which often are long and involved -- to business objectives. According to Gartner analysts, the modeling process has potential to improve corporate buy-in to the idea of managing data as an asset.

Seeing data as an asset is also important on the analytics side of the data divide, according to SearchCIO's Nicole Laskowksi. She said attendees at the BI summits were told by Gartner speakers that putting specific values on corporate data is a worthwhile goal for organizations. But figuring out the right model for that valuation remains elusive, she added.

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The reporters highlighted projects being led by Bill Oates, chief information officer for the City of Boston. One program involves garnering information on streets in need of repair from citizens with smartphones; in another, Oates and his team are taking a cue from the federal initiative as they work to normalize data on crime, schools and other topics to make the information available to citizens and to officials in other municipalities.

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