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Master data management deployment experiences inspire MDM user group

During a successful customer data integration and master data management project at R.R. Donnelley, senior architect Scott Lee helped form an international MDM user group.

Master data management (MDM), customer data integration (CDI) and product information management (PIM) programs are notoriously challenging to implement. And, since they're all relatively new disciplines, best practices are still being developed and optimized by data professionals implementing the programs.

Scott Lee, senior architect with Chicago-based commercial printer R.R. Donnelley & Sons Company, learned this firsthand when he began implementing a CDI/MDM program two years ago. As listeners will hear in this podcast, he's developed considerable MDM expertise since then and found measurable success with the first wave of the program. But he's taken it a step further.

After networking with like-minded data professionals at seminars and conferences, he was inspired to work with others to form an international MDM user group. The group is now online, where members share MDM best practices, discuss MDM systems and talk about related topics such as data quality, data governance and organizational issues. The MDM user group is hoping that more professionals will join to discuss the unique challenges of MDM.

In this 25-minute podcast, appropriate for business or IT professionals working with MDM, listeners will:

  • Learn more about why and how R.R. Donnelley implemented its CDI/MDM program -- and hear how the organization has measured success.
  • Find out what the MDM user group talks about, the benefits of its collective insight and why Lee believes it's valuable to get involved.
  • Get project advice and unique insight into MDM, based on Lee's experiences implementing MDM at R.R. Donnelley and what he's learned from the user group.


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Master data management experiences inspire user group

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About the Speaker: Scott Lee has been solving increasingly complex data integration problems for global businesses for over a decade. He is currently a Senior Architect at R.R. Donnelley & Sons and is responsible for – among other things – the strategy and execution of their global master data management program. He has been a solutions architect and IT strategist there for the past five years.

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