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Is this the dawning of the age of resizing MapReduce?

This episode of the TalkingData podcast looks at MapReduce and Hadoop's summer slog.

The Hadoop data framework saw some slings and arrows of late, as its MapReduce component came under  heavy criticism, according to reporters Ed Burns and Jack Vaughan. They discuss the beleaguered summer of Hadoop in this episode of the Talking Data podcast.

During the past summer, frameworks like Apache Spark and Google Cloud Dataflow were widely discussed, often as alternatives to 10-year-old MapReduce. That may take some wind from Hadoop's sails. The lull occurs despite the fact that MapReduce has found wide installation, and that Hadoop itself jettisoned sole reliance on MapReduce in 2013 with the advent of Hadoop 2.0. In the podcast, Vaughan suggests that Hadoop may emerge as a stronger technology contender after it goes through this phase of what analyst group Gartner Inc. fondly calls the hype cycle.


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