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IBM DB2 basics

Learn IBM DB2 basics -- including what makes DB2 unique, common DB2 challenges and misconceptions, DB2 career options and more, in this DB2 basics podcast.

IBM DB2 has been around since 1983. And it has an impressive track record: It is considered the first database to use SQL, according to IBM, it evolved to produce numerous versions with different code bases and has held its ground against competitors like Oracle and Microsoft. But despite its longevity, DB2 is still new to some people -- and some may have old misconceptions which no longer hold true for today's DB2. In this podcast, discusses DB2 basics in order to familiarize people with today's DB2 fundamentals.

For expert insight on DB2 basics, spoke with Dan Luksetich and Susan Lawson of YL&A, DB2 consultants and producers of In this 25-minute podcast, appropriate for business or IT professionals, listeners will:

  • Learn what makes DB2 unique compared to other databases like Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server
  • Understand the differences and similarities between the three most popular forms of DB2 -- z/OS, DB2 iSeries and DB2 LUW
  • Learn common DB2 challenges and hear a debunking of some of the most widespread misconceptions about DB2
  • Get insight into whether to pursue a career in DB2 and find out more about the jobs available for DB2 professionals
  • Find out more about XML, a new feature in IBM DB2 Viper, including its benefits to mission-critical organizations like financial services and healthcare

Learn IBM DB2 basics -- including what makes DB2 unique, differences between forms of DB2, common DB2 misconceptions and more, in this DB2 basics podcast.

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IBM DB2 basics

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About the speakers:
Dan Luksetich
is a senior DB2 DBA with YL&A, based in Springfield, Illinois. He works as a DBA, application architect, presenter, author and teacher. Dan has been in the information technology business for over 22 years, and has worked with DB2 for over 18 years. He has been a COBOL and BAL programmer, DB2 system programmer, DB2 DBA, and DB2 application architect. His experience includes major implementations on z/OS, AIX, and Linux environments.

Susan Lawsonis an internationally recognized consultant with YL&A and a lecturer with a strong background in system and database administration. She currently works with several large clients to help develop, implement and tune some of the world's largest and most complex DB2 databases and applications.

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