Exec explains IBM's Information On Demand (IOD) initiative

Listen to IBM's Steve Mills discuss Big Blue's Information On Demand initiative and why he thinks it's in a better position to help customers than rival Oracle.

IBM has invested billions of dollars in its Information On Demand (IOD) initiative since its inception in 2006. IBM's IOD vision is to create a comprehensive platform that brings together multiple technologies -- from database management and master data management to data warehousing and business intelligence -- and IBM's consulting expertise to let companies manage the complete information lifecycle.

So far, customers seem to be buying into the idea. IBM has in fact signed 10,000 new IOD customers since 2006. To get an update on the state of IOD as it stands in late 2008, SearchDataManagement.com recently caught up with Steve Mills, a vice president of IBM's software group. Speaking during a break at last week's IOD conference in Las Vegas, Mills discussed the difference between information and data, how IOD differentiates IBM from competitors like Oracle, and what users can expect in the coming months and years from Big Blue's information management division.


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Exec explains IBM's Information On Demand initiative
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