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Enterprise data integration software basics, with expert Rick Sherman

The alphabet soup of data integration technologies -- ETL, EAI, EII, EIM, SOA and others -- are more confusing than ever. Our latest podcast gives an overview of basic technologies used for data integration projects.

Compliance, competitive business requirements and increasing data volumes are driving companies to rethink enterprise data integration strategies. This podcast gives a comprehensive overview of enterprise data integration basics -- including methods, tools and technologies. Expert Rick Sherman explains the "alphabet soup" of data integration technologies, including extract, transform and load (ETL), enterprise application integration (EAI), enterprise information integration (EII) and many more. We'll also discuss how the new trend toward service-oriented architectures (SOAs) and master data management (MDM) affects data integration plans.

Listeners will get a succinct overview of the differences between common and emerging enterprise data integration technologies, and will learn what drives companies to choose one method over another. Rick also offers expert advice and best practices for strategic project planning.

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Enterprise data integration software basics, with expert Rick Sherman

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About the author:
Rick Sherman has more than 20 years of business intelligence and data warehousing experience and has worked on more than 50 implementations as an independent consultant and as a director/practice leader at a Big Five accounting firm. Rick is the founder of Athena IT Solutions, a Stow, Mass.-based business intelligence consulting firm specializing in assessment and training services. He is also a regular contributor to

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