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Enterprise data integration software: Five-minute audio tutorials

Hear five-minute audio tutorials about common enterprise data integration techniques, including ETL, EAI, EII and EDR, from expert Mark Madsen.

For decades, organizations have had to integrate data using hand coding or enterprise data integration software. Over the years, many enterprise data integration techniques have evolved, including extract, transform and load (ETL), enterprise application integration (EAI), enterprise information integration (EII) and enterprise data replication (EDR.) These methods are applied differently by organizations and each has advantages and disadvantages.

This series is an excellent way to train and educate people who are new to enterprise data integration. In this series of short audio podcasts (each approximately five minutes), appropriate for those with business or technical backgrounds, listeners will:

  • Hear straightforward explanations of various data integration techniques, including ETL, EAI, EII and EDR.
  • Learn how each method is commonly applied and find out why organizations might choose to use one method over another.
  • Hear more about the advantages and disadvantages of the different approaches

About the expert: Mark Madsen is president of Third Nature, a market research and consulting firm focused on business intelligence, data integration and data management. Mark is an award-winning architect and CTO whose work has been featured in numerous industry publications. He is a principal author of Clickstream Data Warehousing and teaches classes on data warehousing and open source for TDWI. For more information or to contact Mark, visit

Download podcasts here:

Extract, transform and load (ETL)
Enterprise application integration (EAI)
Enterprise information integration (EII)
Enterprise data replication (EDR)


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