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Enterprise Data World reveals keys to a successful career in analytics

SearchDataManagement's Mark Brunelli and Jack Vaughan talk about this year's Enterprise Data World conference, which was held recently in San Diego.

A good way to ensure a successful career in data analytics and data management is to conduct a self-assessment. If it reveals that you are passionate about data and are a person who doesn't stop until you discover the root cause of a problem, then you are on the correct track.

Find out what happened at last year's Enterprise Data World conference

That was one of the key takeaways from the Enterprise Data World conference -- one of the biggest gatherings of the year for data management and analytics professionals -- which was held recently in San Diego. SearchDataManagement News Director Mark Brunelli was on hand at the show, attending sessions and talking to analytics technology users about their skill sets, experiences and challenges.

In this podcast with SearchDataManagement Site and News Editor Jack Vaughan, Brunelli offers up more key takeaways from several of the Enterprise Data World conference sessions. One session with consultant Bernard Wehbe provided a slew of tips for newcomers and seasoned veterans who want to take their analytics careers to the next level. Another session, with consultant Karen Lopez, focused on how data modelers can remain productive, relevant and even indispensable in the age of NoSQL, Hadoop and other big data technologies.

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