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Effective data quality program management: Tips and advice

Learn how to structure data quality management programs, how to deal with data quality program challenges and more, from expert Even Levy.

Leading an enterprise-wide data quality management program is no easy task. Program managers must have a unique combination of skills to successfully implement and manage data quality initiatives. Data quality program managers need to be able to work well with both business and IT staff. They must be able to effectively lead their organizations through decisions about people, business processes and technology -- which all have the potential to create, exacerbate or mitigate data quality management problems. The rewards for success can be huge, but the penalties for failure can be equally dramatic.

In this 12-minute podcast, appropriate for both business and IT professionals, hear advice and tips for effective data quality program management from industry expert Evan Levy, partner and co-founder of Baseline Consulting. Listeners will:

  • Learn how to structure data quality programs effectively and find out the critical roles and skill sets required for success
  • Find out how to navigate and learn how to work successfully with the many stakeholders involved in data quality improvement
  • Get practical, memorable advice for dealing with some of the inevitable challenges data quality programs encounter

About the speaker: Evan Levy is a partner and co-founder of Baseline Consulting, a professional services firm concentrating on enterprise data issues. He leads Baseline's Technology Consulting team and has attacked data strategy and management issues at Charles Schwab, Dell, Microsoft, and various other clients. He regularly presents at conferences, serves as a judge for industry best practice awards and his work is often featured in leading industry publications. Levy is the co-author of the book, "Customer Data Integration: Reaching a Single Version of the Truth."

Effective data quality program management: tips and advice

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Effective data quality program management: Tips and advice

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