Data warehouse architecture: Beyond hub-and-spoke

Hear a hub-and-spoke definition and learn about challenges surrounding hub-and-spoke architecture. Know all the issues and details before implementing a hub-and-spoke design and hear how data governance plays a role in the hub-and-spoke model.

In the world of software and data, the one thing I've learned is that there are no absolutes.
--Evan Levy, partner and co-founder, Baseline Consulting

Creating an efficient data warehouse is challenging, and there are many issues to consider, including data latency, data requirements, who needs the data, why, when and more. When it comes to choosing a data warehouse architecture, how can information management professionals determine if a hub-and-spoke architecture is the right one for their data warehouse? How can they assess the data warehouse options that are out there and make the right decision?

To help you get a better handle on hub-and-spoke architecture and the important issues surrounding data warehousing, we turned to consultant and data management expert Evan Levy, co-founder and partner of Baseline Consulting, a technology and management consulting firm specializing in business analytics and data integration.

In this 15-minute podcast, listeners will learn:

  • The background of hub-and-spoke architecture and how it came to be (0:50)
  • The challenges of a hub-and-spoke design and which situations it's ideal and not so ideal for (3:30)
  • Issues and details companies should consider when reviewing their hub-and-spoke architecture (7:00)
  • How data governance plays a role in a hub-and-spoke model (9:30)
  • If there's any risk that hub-and-spoke architecture will become tomorrow's data silo (12:10)

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Data warehouse architecture: Beyond hub-and-spoke

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Evan Levy

About the speaker: Evan Levy is a partner and co-founder of Baseline Consulting, a technology and management consulting firm specializing in business analytics and data integration. Levy is actively involved in guiding projects and delivering solutions to Baseline's Fortune 1000 family of clients and has delivered data integration strategies at companies such as Microsoft, American Express and Verizon. Considered an industry leader on the topic of data integration and management, Levy also advises vendors and venture capital firms on new and emerging product strategies. He is a faculty member of The Data Warehousing Institute and a contributor to several leading industry publications and portals. Levy also writes the Inside IT blog on Baseline's website. He is co-author of the book Customer Data Integration: Reaching a Single Version of the Truth, which was the first book published on the topic of master data management.

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