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Data management pros get career advice from new guide

Deborah Henderson, DAMA Foundation vice president, talks about the soon-to-be-released Data Management Body of Knowledge Guide and how it can help guide your data management career.

Deborah Henderson cares about your job.

As a vice president of DAMA International and author of the recent Data Management Body of Knowledge (DMBOK) Guide, Henderson is dedicated to making the data management profession, as she puts it, "a formal, certified, recognized and respected career choice."

But that's a job she herself concedes is a challenge, thanks to a confusing mix of terms, methods, tools, opinion and hyperbole. Still, she's confident that it can be done. After all, she's dedicated her career to the task. recently sat down with Henderson to learn more about the DMBOK Guide, how it can help data management professionals in their careers, how to cut through data management industry speak, and more.

In this 12-minute podcast, appropriate for both business and IT professionals, listeners will:

  • Get the basics on the new DMBOK Guide, including why it was created and who it is intended for (1:35).
  • Get a rundown on the book's four main themes: Data governance, data quality, data integration and enterprise perspective (4:20).
  • Get real-world, practical examples of how the DMBOK Guide can help a data management pro in the field (6:40).
  • Learn how data management professionals, hiring managers, data stewards and others can use the DMBOK Guide to best effect (8:45).
  • Learn how the DAMA Dictionary of Data Management, in conjunction with the DMBOK Guide, can help bring some order to the acronym chaos, hyperbole and general confusion around industry terminology (10:10).
  • Get DMBOK Guide availability and pricing information (11:30).

About the speaker: Deborah Henderson is president of the DAMA Foundation and vice president of Education and Research for DAMA International (DAMAI). She chairs the DAMAI Education Committee and DAMA-DMBOK Editorial Board, and sponsors the DAMA-Data Management Body of Knowledge to advance data management education in post-secondary institutions. Henderson has many years of experience in data architecture, data warehousing, executive information systems/decision support systems, online analytical processing design, and project management, with an extensive background in information management (process modeling, data modeling and data dictionaries), enterprise management practices, and technical report writing. She has consulting experience in many business functions in the energy and automotive sectors, using the techniques of data management and process modeling. Henderson is a consulting data architect and project manager at Capgemini in Toronto.

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Data management pros get career advice from new guide
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