Data management podcast library's growing collection of podcasts features conversations about many aspects of data management, including business intelligence (BI), enterprise data integration (EDI), master data management (MDM), and data quality and governance.'s growing collection of podcasts features conversations about many aspects of data management, including business intelligence (BI), enterprise data integration (EDI), master data management (MDM), and data quality and governance. These free audio downloads include topical interviews with newsmakers and industry experts who offer their advice and knowledge on data management trends, projects and technologies. Click on the links below to listen to or download these podcasts to your PC or favorite MP3 player.

Business intelligence (BI) podcasts

      Business intelligence applications: Secrets for success
    Learn three secrets to developing and optimizing successful business intelligence applications. Get best practices for structuring BI teams and managing business-IT communication. (15 minutes)

      Performance management trends, with Howard Dresner
    Howard Dresner explains corporate performance management, discusses trends and gives advice in this podcast. (20 minutes)

      Business intelligence jobs and certification trends, with Jennifer Hay
    Find out current trends in business intelligence jobs and certifications, including advice for BI career development, in this podcast with Jennifer Hay of TDWI. (17 minutes)

      Business intelligence software evaluations: Forrester analyst Boris Evelson shares trends and tips
    Boris Evelson principal analyst with Forrester, outlines best practices for business intelligence software evaluation and BI software trends in this podcast. (25 minutes)

      HP's business intelligence and data warehouse plans: A data discussion with HP BI VP Ben Barnes
    HP vice president, Ben Barnes discusses Hewlett-Packard's business intelligence strategy and HP Neoview data warehouse. (10 minutes)

      Business intelligence trends, with Gartner analyst Bill Hostmann
    Bill Hostmann, an analyst with Gartner, discusses the most important business intelligence trends -- and what to do about them -- in this podcast. (7 minutes)

      Content intelligence: Content management meets business intelligence
    In this podcast, Gerry Brown of Bloor Research explains "content intelligence" -- a combination of BI and content management that helps companies leverage unstructured data. (10 minutes)

Enterprise data integration (EDI) podcasts

      Enterprise data integration software: Five-minute audio tutorials
    Hear five-minute audio tutorials about common enterprise data integration techniques, including ETL, EAI, EII and EDR, from expert Mark Madsen. (5 minutes each)

      Service-oriented architecture and data integration basics, with expert Rick Sherman
    Listen to a podcast about data integration in a service-oriented architecture (SOA), learn about "data as a service" and get tips for evaluating technology. (15 minutes)

      Enterprise data integration software basics, with expert Rick Sherman
    The alphabet soup of data integration technologies -- ETL, EAI, EII, EIM, SOA and others -- are more confusing than ever. Expert Rick Sherman gives an overview of the technologies used.

Database management systems (DBMS) podcasts

      IBM DB2 9: Is certification worth it?
    Learn whether IBM DB2 certifications are worth it -- for your career development or bank account -- in this exclusive podcast with DB2 expert and author Roger Sanders. (20 minutes)

Master data management (MDM) and customer data integration (CDI) podcasts

      Master data management experiences inspire user group
    During a successful customer data integration and master data management project at R.R. Donnelley, senior architect Scott Lee helped form an international MDM user group. (25 minutes)

      Nationwide Insurance implements master data management program
    Nationwide Insurance shares master data management (MDM) best practices in this case study podcast and provides an architectural diagram. (15 minutes)

      Understanding master data management styles
    Rick Sherman explains the three styles of master data management (MDM) -- operational, analytical and enterprise -- and how to select a style and get started. (10 minutes)

      How to design and bullet-proof a master data management program, featuring Evan Levy
    Find out how to create successful master data management programs, including tips and best practices for planning, design, architecture and staffing, from expert Evan Levy. (15 minutes)

      Tips for building a business case for master data management, featuring David Stodder with Ventana Research
    Get expert advice on how to build a business case for master data management and learn how to calculate the costs of bad data in a podcast with David Stodder of Ventana Research. (20 minutes)

      Master Data Management and Customer Data Integration for a Global Enterprise authors discuss trends, ROI
    Alex Berson and Larry Dubov, authors of Master Data Management and Customer Data Integration for a Global Enterprise, discuss trends, ROI and costly mistakes. Also, download sample chapters from the book. (30 minutes)

      IBM's master data management plans: A data discussion with IBM's MDM VP, Paraic Sweeney
    In this podcast, we talk to Paraic Sweeney, vice president of products, master data systems with IBM. Big Blue's become a big player in the master data management tools market via acquisition and development. Listen as Sweeney discusses IBM's MDM strategy and roadmap. (30 minutes)

      Master data management trends with Mark Smith, CEO of Ventana Research
    A survey revealed new information about master data management in the enterprise. Ventana Research's Mark Smith discusses how early adopters are using master data management (MDM) and offers some advice for MDM initiatives. (18 minutes)

      Master data management (MDM) basics, with expert David Loshin
    Listen to a comprehensive overview of master data management technology with expert David Loshin and learn the key to MDM success.

      Customer data integration (CDI) basics, with expert Jill Dyché
    In this podcast, we explore the ins and outs of customer data integration, from the technology to the business considerations, with CDI expert Jill Dyché.

Data quality and governance podcasts

      Data governance: How to get started and find success
    Data governance, or lack thereof, can "make or break" many enterprise programs. Learn data governance program success factors and get advice in this podcast with expert Jill Dyché.

      Data quality trends, with expert Larry English
    Data quality tools and processes have changed dramatically. In this podcast, renowned expert Larry English provides timely advice for your data quality strategy. (35 minutes)

      Data governance trends, with expert Gwen Thomas
    Data governance helps companies comply with regulatory requirements and avoid costly data breaches -- but it's easier said than done. Learn about data governance trends and techniques with author Gwen Thomas.

      How to develop and maintain an enterprise data quality management strategy, with Larry English
    Expert Larry English discusses how to develop and maintain a data quality management strategy. Learn how to get started, structure teams, calculate ROI and get executive support.

Data warehousing podcasts

Other data management podcast topics

      IBM exec discusses data management trends, products and plans
    IBM outlines emerging data management trends and which products announced at its 2007 Information on Demand event garnered the most market interest. (20 minutes)

      The Data Management Association (DAMA) Symposium 2007 conference summary
    In this podcast, we discuss emerging data management trends and hot topics in exclusive on-site interviews with speakers and attendees at the annual Data Management Association conference. (20 minutes)

       Oracle security guru Peter Finnigan on the problem with PL/SQL
    Oracle's proprietary SQL variant PL/SQL isn't as ironclad as some might expect, says Oracle security guru Peter Finnigan. In this podcast, Finnigan explains what DBAs and developers need to know to lock down their code.

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