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Customer data integration (CDI) basics, with expert Jill Dyché

In our inaugural podcast, we explore customer data integration (CDI) basics, from the technology to the business considerations, with CDI expert Jill Dyché.

Jill Dyché, partner and co-founder of Baseline Consulting

In our inaugural podcast,'s Jamison D. Cush and Hannah Smalltree cover the basics of customer data integration (CDI). Hannah then chats with customer data integration expert Jill Dyché to explore some real-world examples of customer data integration in action as well as the proper strategy for laying out a proper customer data integration business case.

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Customer data integration (CDI) basics, with expert Jill Dyche 

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About the Speaker: Jill Dyché is an internationally recognized author, speaker and business consultant. She is a partner and co-founder of Baseline Consulting, a professional services firm specializing in business analytics, data warehousing and data integration.

Jill's latest book, Customer Data Integration: Reaching a Single Version of the Truth, will be available in August.

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  • Microsoft tackles its own CDI project: It takes more than just CEO Steve Ballmer's say-so to get a customer data integration project done right at Microsoft. It takes a lengthy commitment and organizational CDI support.


  • Seven reasons customer data integration projects fail: While the new version of Microsoft's CRM 3.0 application has been welcomed by many, those interested in a multi-tenant model will have to wait for the next release.


  • Building a CDI business case takes careful planning: Customer data integration has enterprise-wide benefits, but finding funding and executive support can be a challenge.


  • Learning Guide on Customer Data Integration: Here you'll find articles, white papers, advice and resources to help you better integrate and leverage your customers' data across the enterprise. From an introduction to CDI-related terms to understanding the innovations in CDI tools and technology, this is your best resource for getting started on the right foot with your customer data integration initiative.


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