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Agile practices, DevOps approach take on NoSQL modeling issues

For many data management teams, going through application code is the only way to find NoSQL data models. But there are ways to change that, according to this Talking Data podcast.

Data management teams versed in relational databases and data models have to be ready to rethink closely held beliefs when they venture into the realm of NoSQL modeling. They may even need to break down some of the walls of organizational hierarchies that have built up over time and work directly with developers in order to ensure that new NoSQL database applications are represented in enterprise architecture models, SearchDataManagement's Jack Vaughan told moderator Ed Burns in a new edition of TechTarget's Talking Data podcast.

In the podcast, the two reporters discuss the NoSQL data modeling experiences and advice of users and consultants who took part in the recent Enterprise Data World (EDW) 2015 conference in Washington D.C. An emerging theme there centered on the notion that Agile modeling and DevOps project practices can pave the way for a more successful collaboration between veteran data modelers and modern NoSQL developers.

Data architects and modelers might have to unlearn some relational best practices to succeed with parallelized NoSQL databases -- and that unlearning doesn't always come easy, Vaughan said. Emerging best practices in the NoSQL modeling process include implementing version control systems that highlight important project milestones, and debriefing the NoSQL software jockeys so as to be able to better document the low-level data models they build directly into application logic.

Pairing database administrators in teams with developers was said by some EDW speakers to have value as well. When DBAs and developers work together, the latter are more likely to come up with a NoSQL database structure that is more agreeable to the types of queries the business side of the organization will ultimately want to run, according to Vaughan.

In the past, data management teams typically built out rigorous data architectures. At times the rigor became an end in itself, and the data team wasn't altogether friendly to innovative developers. But the fast pace of business change and big data growth is changing that. Listen to the podcast to hear more analysis of the data modeling opportunities and challenges presented by NoSQL systems.

Jack Vaughan is SearchDataManagement's news and site editor. Email him at [email protected], and follow us on Twitter: @sDataManagement.

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