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X15 machine data platform takes off; Teradata buys Think Big Analytics

The field of log and machine data management gains a new player as the X15 Software platform for ingestion and queries. Also in the news, Teradata buys Think Big.

The field of log and machine data management gained another player last month when startup X15 Software Inc. released its software, which runs on the Hadoop Distributed File System and supports SQL queries of data. X15 joins Splunk Inc., Tibco Software Inc., and others seeking to ride the wave of interest in machine-generated data. Like some other products released recently, X15 Enterprise forgoes the batch-oriented MapReduce portion of Hadoop in order to better enable real-time processing.

"We found Hadoop is a popular mechanism to store machine data. It's cheap, and it lends itself to this use," said Val Rayzman, founder and CEO, X15 Software. Although X15 uses Hadoop as a file system, it relies on its own software for processing.

What X15 adds is scalable data ingestion, a metadata and indexing repository, a massively parallel search and query engine and various interfaces, Rayzman said.

X15's goal was to build a machine data platform that can query log data as it is being read, or to ingest and query continuously, he said. That should be helpful for application performance management, security and compliance, and so-called Internet of Things applications, among others.

Industry analyst Wayne Eckerson contrasts X15 Enterprise to Splunk offerings that also sometimes tap into Hadoop data. Because X15 runs on a company's existing Hadoop cluster, data architects do not have to move the data to a separate engine, Eckerson writes in a recent blog post on the B-eye Network.

Moreover, X15 has created SQL extensions that handle search-based functions, according to Eckerson, who is principal consultant with The Eckerson Group, Hingham, Mass. That can be handy as many companies would like to see more Google-style search capabilities available for their machine data stores, while still working with SQL.

Teradata buys Think Big Analytics consultancy

Data warehousing giant Teradata has continued its recent spate of company purchases, buying Think Big Analytics Inc., a consulting company that specializes in open-source Hadoop implementations.

The move is in part a concession to the unique character of new open-source-oriented data management technologies; despite its vast services resources Teradata is turning to a specialist to further build its Hadoop practice. Think Big's open-source practice is of a variety Teradata's enterprise customers are just beginning to explore. The acquisition's terms were not disclosed.

"The landscape of open-source technology is a bit overwhelming for our customers. It is good to have Think Big Analytics, which has the skills and the know-how to help put things together," said Chris Twogood, vice president of product and services marketing at Teradata. He said the integration of Hadoop data systems with existing data warehousing systems is an ongoing issue that the Think Big purchase can help address.

Twogood said that Teradata would maintain Think Big as an independent concern. It will continue to be led by Ron Bodkin, who is its founder and CEO.

Bodkin said Think Big takes an agile approach to data projects, and is built around software development capabilities that have become more valued as a wide assortment of Hadoop ecosystem software has come online. Bodkin said Think Big Analytics' work with Hadoop distribution providers Cloudera, Hortonworks, MapR and Pivotal will continue.

The Think Big deal follows other summer purchases by Teradata. Those include the acquisition of Revelytix, a maker of Hadoop metadata management tools, and Hadapt, one of the earliest SQL-in-Hadoop vendors.

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