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New GigaSpaces release promises 'big data' analytics in real time

The latest version of GigaSpaces XAP is designed to let users create their own real time "big data" analytics platform, and more big data news from around the Web.

The latest software from GigaSpaces Technologies is focused on giving users the ability to build their own real-time "big data" analytics platforms

Due to launch on May 21, GigaSpaces XAP 9.0 provides users with the necessary tools  to create and launch high-performance real-time analytics systems for applications processing massive data sets. GigaSpaces says XAP 9.0 was created to resolve the reliability and scalability challenges that arise when organizations attempt to access and analyze Hadoop-based data in real time.

"With XAP 9.0, we took the Facebook, Twitter blueprint for real-time analytics and simply made it simple to use so that anyone can built their own Facebook, Twitter-like real-time analytics," Nati Shalom, chief technology officer and founder of GigaSpaces, said in an email interview. "There are basically two areas that we wanted to address with XAP 9.0: real-time processing [and] manageability."

According to GigaSpaces, some of the key features of XAP 9.0 include real-time streaming data processing, parallel processing, fine grained data compression, reduced memory footprint and the ability to integrate with back end databases like Hbase, Cassandra and MongoDB.

GigaSpaces says the platform also offers support for cloud environments by giving users the ability to automate the deployment, scaling and failover of applications running on public or private clouds. The software also offers elastic scaling, which reduces the total cost of ownership of running big data apps, according to GigaSpaces.

Shalom said organizations mulling the prospect of launching a big data analytics program should avoid the temptation to "reinvent the wheel."

"My recommendation for those organizations would be to first look at what's out there before they start a journey of building a system o their own," he said.

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Big surprise: New study finds data stores growing fast
The latest survey from Boston.-based Aberdeen Group Inc. confirms something that many organizations are already painfully aware of: The amount of data being managed by the average company is growing fast.

The new Aberdeen report -- The State of Master Data Management 2012 -- features the results of a 163-organization survey which found that the environment for business data is getting larger and more complex all the time. Survey results show that the amount of business data available to an organization is growing at an average rate of 36% per year.

The report also finds that the use of unstructured data is further complicating the data management landscape. Aberdeen says that 47% of respondents are currently using unstructured data -- such as free-form text found in product descriptions, emails and complaint tickets -- in their master data records.

While respondents felt that the reliability and accuracy of master data is instrumental to the task of supporting critical business operations, less than 7% of the survey takers are able to measure and track the results of their master data management programs.

Yahoo to unveil big data analytics tool for online advertisers
Search engine and big data analytics giant Yahoo has announced a new tool that is designed to help online advertisers create more effective ads and marketing campaigns.

The new offering, called Genome, is expected to become available in July. It will let advertisers search through massive amounts of information about the behavior of consumers and the effectiveness of online marketing campaigns. Advertisers will also have the option to bring in their own data and combine it with Yahoo's information and other third-party data sources.

Word of Genome comes just a few weeks after Yahoo competitor Google announced the availability of BigQuery, a new tool that lets users analyze large data sets on Google's cloud infrastructure.

"With Genome, we can help marketers transform consumer information and insights into actionable online media executions that enable them to attain the right context and audiences," Rich Riley, Yahoo's executive vice president for the Americas, said in a press release.

SAP increases support for big data analytics
Business applications goliath SAP AG this week announced greater support for Hadoop initiatives at its annual SapphireNow conference in Orlando this week.

SAP's Data Services and Information Steward software products will soon offer increased integration with Hadoop-based big data environments. The announcement comes amid a full week of SAP announcements, including the unveiling of SAP HANA Service Pack 4, the latest update to the company's much-marketed in-memory database.

Among the planned new features, SAP Data Services and Information Steward will offer the ability to read and load data to and from Hive and the Hadoop Distributed File System. They will also offer rapid batch updating and loading to SAP HANA, Sybase IQ server and other data stores.

"With our enterprise information management solutions, customers will have the ability to easily understand and access any data source," Steve Lucas, SAP's global executive vice president and general manager of database and technology, said in a press release.

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