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IBM adds Vivisimo to its 'big data' management arsenal

IBM announced plans to acquire data discovery vendor Vivisimo amid a busy week of "big data" news from around the Web.

IBM took its "big data" management strategy a step further Wednesday when it revealed plans to acquire Vivisimo Inc., a Pittsburgh, Penn.-based maker of data discovery and navigation software.

Big Blue says Vivisimo's data federation capabilities will make it easier for users to access, explore, analyze and compare data stored within disparate sources throughout the enterprise, including big data stores, customer relationship management software and other business applications.

"Customers can actually navigate, search and explore all of this data and be able to do it in a federated manner without moving the data," said Anjul Bhambhri, IBM's vice president of big data products. "They'll be able to really visualize and see what this data is really telling them and the information can be correlated across these various data sources."

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IBM's portfolio of big data products includes IBM InfoSphere BigInsights, analytical software that sits on top of Apache Hadoop, the popular open source distributed file system, and IBM InfoSphere Streams, which enables organizations to analyze fast flowing data in real time. The company also offers connectors that let users move information from Hadoop to traditional relational databases or data warehouses for further analysis.

The business applications giant has also made about 30 acquisitions in recent years that are designed to ramp up its analytical capabilities. Some of the analytics companies IBM has acquired include Cognos, SPSS, Coremetrics and Netezza. Earlier this month IBM acquired Varicent, a software company that brings analytics and performance management capabilities to sales, finance and other front end business operations.

IBM says its drive to expand its big data management and analytics portfolio is largely the result of growing customer demand. While many IBM customers have yet to launch a major big data analytics initiative, Bhambhri said, interest is clearly growing.

"Data has just been growing in a mind-boggling manner," she said. "In just the last year we did close to 100 customer engagements related to big data."

IBM expects to finalize the acquisition of Vivisimo later this year. Financial terms of the deal were not disclosed.

VMware adds big data analytics with Cetas acquisition
In other big data management news, virtualization software goliath VMware Inc. announced this week the acquisition of Cetas Software Inc., a Palo Alto, Calif.-based startup that develops big data analytics tools.

Cetas' Instant Intelligence technology helps organizations quickly identify patterns and outliers in big data streams and translate them into valuable business insights. Instant Intelligence is deployed as an on-premise product that sits on top of Hadoop, according to Cetas.

Financial terms of the deal were not disclosed.

Fujitsu unveils big data software packages
Also this week, Fujitsu announced plans to begin releasing a new set of big data management and analysis packages. The company also plans to release hardware to go along with the new tools by the end of next March.

The new software includes Fujitsu's Interstage Big Data Parallel Processing Server, which expands the capabilities of the Apache Hadoop platform. Fujitsu officials claim the software makes typical Hadoop processing jobs run as much as five times faster.

Fujitsu is also releasing a new Complex Event Processing server that is designed to search through large data sets and identify trends that savvy businesses can capitalize on.

Pentaho expands its big data analytics capabilities
Pentaho Corp. has unveiled the latest version of its combined data integration and business analytics software platform, Pentaho Business Analytics 4.5.

Company officials say the newly updated software offers new interactive data visualization capabilities and expanded big data analytics functions.

The new interactive visualization and data exploration features allow users to access and compare information housed in disparate data sources throughout the enterprise. The software's new analytics features include expanded support for accessing Hadoop clusters and NoSQL database integration features.

"Pentaho Business Analytics 4.5 delivers interactive visualization and big data integration in a unified pluggable platform that speeds time to business insights for both IT and line of business," Jake Cornelius, Pentaho's senior vice president of products, said in a press release. "We built the Pentaho platform from the ground up with an understanding that data integration and business analytics are better together."

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