Trimming data warehousing costs

Are you troubled by the increasing costs of storage in data warehousing? If so, a recent Sun/Greenplum announcement may be of interest to you.

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Every now and then there is an announcement that is really worthy of note. One such announcement came recently from Sun Microsystems and Greenplum

For a long time now data warehouses have been growing in size. When you add detailed data, historical data and data from a wide number of sources together, you get a lot of data, regardless of how you stack it up, or how carefully you design the database. Organizations have been facing the accumulation of data in their data warehouses with no letup in sight. 

And with that explosion of data comes a corresponding increase in the costs of data warehousing. In particular, storage costs and the cost of the infrastructure required to support the storage needs are rising. The hardware vendors love to say that storage costs are going down all the time. This appeases the manager who has to pay large sums for the storage infrastructure. Storage costs may be decreasing at a factor of X, but the demand for storage is increasing at a rate of Y, and Y is a lot bigger than X. 

It is reputed that one hardware vendor is selling storage for data warehouses at the rate of approximately $750,000 for a terabyte of storage. 

So along comes Sun Microsystems and Greenplum with an offer you cannot ignore. How about $35,000 for a terabyte of data up to 24 terabytes?

If you are planning for a data warehouse in your future, you should take a close look at the Sun/Greenplum offering. No, let me say that a little bit more strongly – you cannot afford to not take a look at the Sun/Greenplum offer – not unless you enjoy throwing your corporate resources away. 

It is about time that someone lowered the dreadful cost of data warehousing. Some of the leading vendors have been shameful in their gouging of customers. So the Sun/Greenplum offer comes as a godsend. 

The offer is so good that in fact, you can afford to buy and install Sun/Greenplum, try it out, and if it doesn’t work, for whatever reason, use the gear for some other purpose. At the price ratio of $750,000 for one terabyte versus $35,000 for a terabyte of data up to 24 terabytes – you simply have to try this offer. 

Or perhaps you are so risk aversive that you would rather pay super premium prices. At the very least, you should go to a conference and get a Sun mug or two. Then, when you go into negotiations with the expensive vendors, offer to get some coffee as the first part of the negotiations. Then, return with the coffee in the Sun mugs, and your negotiations will be fruitful.

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