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Data warehouse software: Top five headlines

Data warehouse software is rapidly evolving -- so stay current with the top five data warehouse software articles, tips and implementation best practices.

Data warehouses store data from various source systems and databases across an enterprise. The data stored in data warehouses is used as a cleansed, primary data source for analysis, reporting and businesses intelligence (BI). regularly covers the latest data warehouse news. We want to make it easy for readers to stay current on the data warehouse software industry, so our editors have put together a list of the top five recent data warehouse software articles, case studies and expert advice. Browse the items below for the most popular data warehouse software news, trends, tips, career advice and implementation best practices.


Top data warehouse software headlines  

1. Data warehouse appliances go mainstream
More companies are turning to data warehouse appliances, which promise rapid deployment and minimal customization. But will they replace traditional enterprise data warehouses? Find out more.

2. Active data warehousing explained and examined
Active data warehousing brings business intelligence to more operational decision-making processes. Find out how, and why, active data warehouses enable competitive advantages.

3. Data warehouse case study: Midsized insurer goes enterprise with data warehouse
Read why one midsized insurance company chose Kalido's data warehouse to straighten out its disjointed data management practices. Read this case study to learn from a real-life data warehouse implementation.

4. Data warehousing, data mining and data querying: Terms and definitions
A data warehouse expert explains the definitions of -- and differences between -- data warehousing, data mining and data querying. Do you have your own data warehousing question? Ask our expert!

5. Business intelligence and data warehousing salaries continue to rise
Business intelligence and data warehousing professionals enjoyed a 4% increase in salary last year, but some are getting the lion's share of that increase. Read more to find out how your salary compares to the salaries of other data management professionals.

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