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Celebrating the best content of 2006 creates a list of the most popularly received news stories, tips, expert responses and learning guides of 2006.

What better way is there to celebrate the end of a successful year in data management than with a reflection on the greatest articles of 2006? The editors at have compiled a list of the most popularly received news stories, tips, expert responses and learning guides of the year to carry us into the exciting start of 2007. After all, good information is never out-dated!


Top news stories of 2006


  1. BI's seven fatal flaws
  2. Gartner ranks the data warehouse, DBMS market leaders
  3. Gartner names data quality's top performers in new Magic Quadrant
  4. Embedded BI: Open souce or commercial?
  5. Open source BI gets down to business


Top tips of 2006


  1. iSeries (AS/400) DB2 UDB: Top 10 expert questions
  2. DB2 and content management: Who will leverage semi-structured and unstructured data?
  3. DB2 and XQuery: Managing the era of unstructured data
  4. "Low IT" and DB2
  5. DB2 and the event-driven architecture


Top expert responses of 2006


  1. What are the advantages of RDBMS over DBMS?
  2. Inmon vs. Kimball, Business Objects vs. SAS
  3. VSAM and DB2
  4. Tips for choosing the best DBMS
  5. What industry has most promising potential for growth in an analytics career? What is the general state of the job market?


Top learning guides of 2006


  1. Learning guide: Business intelligence
  2. Learning guide: Data quality
  3. Learning guide: Customer data integration

With a great year in data management behind us, let us all pledge for an even better 2007! Stay tuned for more news, tips, expert advice and learning guides...


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