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Spotlight on regulatory compliance examines regulatory compliance in the enterprise, from SOX to HIPAA, and everything in between.

Compliance with regulations such as SOX and HIPAA is not merely a matter of "dotting all your i's and crossing all your t's." If it's not taken seriously, your CEO may wind up in jail. The stakes are high, costs are escalating and confusion reigns. To help guide you through the mind-numbing maze of bureaucracy that is regulatory compliance, we've assembled this collection of articles, news analysis, expert commentary and case studies.


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Security Controls for Sarbanes-Oxley Section 404 IT Compliance: Authorization, Authentication, and Access
The big story in Sarbanes-Oxley for the IT professional is that earlier approaches to quickly getting applications built and in place to support the business (punch a few holes in the firewall and worry about security later) will no longer pass the inevitable audit. Meeting the test of maintaining effective internal control structure and processes supporting accurate financial reporting requires treating SOX 404 compliance with a focus and discipline not always evident in existing information systems designs.


Craig Mullins, Data governance and quality expert

Expert Advice:
The truth about "one-size-fits-all" data governance "solutions"
Regulatory compliance is the latest bandwagon that software vendors have boarded in an attempt to sell more product. Many products have been rebranded under a compliance or governance banner in order to sell more copies. The cynic in me sneers at such attempts, but the pragmatist wins out. By this I mean, if you really had all of the solutions in place and working then there'd be nothing to worry about, would there?

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