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Spotlight on Integration

All this month, will present a robust look at the integration alphabet: EAI, CDI, EII, and EDI.

  What is integration?  
  • Customer Data Integration
    Customer data integration (CDI) is the process of consolidating and managing customer information from all available sources, including contact details, customer valuation data, and information gathered through interactions such as direct marketing. Properly conducted, CDI ensures that all relevant departments in the company have constant access to the most current and complete view of customer information available. As such, CDI is an essential element of customer relationship management (CRM).
  • Enterprise Application Integration
    EAI is a business computing term for the plans, methods, and tools aimed at modernizing, consolidating, and coordinating the computer applications in an enterprise. Typically, an enterprise has existing legacy applications and databases and wants to continue to use them while adding or migrating to a new set of applications that exploit the Internet, e-commerce, extranet, and other new technologies.


  Data Integration challenges  


  Customer Data Integration  
  • Microsoft tackles its own CDI project
    It takes more than just CEO Steve Ballmer's say-so to get a customer data integration project done right at Microsoft. It takes a lengthy commitment and organizational CDI support.
  • Seven reasons customer data integration projects fail
    Customer data integration projects are susceptible to failure because they touch people, process and technology across an enterprise. Here are some common pitfalls to avoid.
  • Building a CDI business case takes careful planning
    Customer data integration has enterprise-wide benefits, but finding funding and executive support can be a challenge.
  • CDI trends to track
    A recent study outlined customer data integration (CDI) trends to watch and offered recommendations for companies implementing CDI in a rapidly morphing market.
  • Strategy, skills keys for CDI-MDM success
    The chairman of a new CDI-MDM summit told attendees to protect their people, shrewdly evaluate commercial offerings and avoid "repaving the cow path."
  • Eight must-ask questions for CDI projects
    Consultant and author Jill Dyché recommends that companies considering planning or implementing customer data integration systems ask -- and answer -- this list of questions.
  Enterprise Data Integration


  Enterprise Application Integration  's Integration resources  
  • Special report: Customer Data Integration
    The specter of compliance constantly hovers over the enterprise. But, as companies grow larger, expand to disparate locations, and ultimately merge, data redundancies that threaten not only the efficiency, but ultimately the good legal standing, of a business inevitably occur. That is why having consistent and reliable data is no longer a luxury, it is a requirement. Enter customer data integration.
  • CDI Learning Guide on
    This new compilation of news analysis and technical advice has everything you need to know about CDI.

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