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Data mining and business intelligence

  • Apache Hive

    Apache Hive is an open source data warehouse system for querying and analyzing large data sets that are principally stored in Hadoop files. Continue Reading

  • dark data

    Dark data is digital information that is not being used. Consulting and market research company Gartner Inc. describes dark data as "information assets that an organization collects, processes and stores in the course of its regular business ... Continue Reading

  • Enterprise business analytics boosts BI's brainpower

    Social media channels, web applications, sales and marketing systems and other sources are bursting with endless flows of consumer information pouring into corporate data reservoirs. The amount of data created annually, reports IDC, will reach a ... Continue Reading

  • data dredging (data fishing)

    Data dredging, sometimes referred to as data fishing is a data mining practice in which large volumes of data are searched to find any possible relationships between data... Continue Reading

  • Data quality guide

    Here you'll find articles, white papers, advice and resources to help you better manage and leverage your company's data. From an introduction to data quality-related terms to understanding the innovations in tools and technology, this is your best ... Continue Reading