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What to know about Information Builders' Omni-Gen data governance tool

Omni-Gen from Information Builders features a variety of tools for enterprise data management, data governance and data best practices, all in one centralized package.

Omni-Gen from Information Builders is a data governance platform that provides tools for organizing, maintaining and tracking assets and policies. The software helps organizations establish and manage data quality and integration initiatives and centralize data terminology and best practices so that both business and IT teams are aligned in their governance approaches.

Omni-Gen brings together several of Information Builders' data-centric tools for data quality, integration, monitoring and master data management. The Master Data Management Edition of Omni-Gen features all of these tools to provide a full range of data governance and management capabilities.

How does Omni-Gen support data governance tasks?

The Omni-Gen Master Data Management Edition offers enterprises the tools needed to control and govern the majority of their data needs. Rather than limit organizations to solely governance tasks, Omni-Gen provides a single product, which reduces internal confusion and mistakes regarding where data policies, assets and other data management-related items are created, accessed and stored. The system also offers various consoles, for areas such as data governance and data remediation, which make it easy to quickly navigate and perform specific tasks. Organizations can also create golden records to ensure that users are accessing the most recent version of a data asset or rule.

Omni-Gen features tools for both workflow-oriented and repository-oriented data processes. The system provides multi-domain data governance capabilities from its Omni Governance Console. With it, organizations can establish roles to ensure that each user has the proper level of access and capabilities for accessing and changing data assets and rules. Users can also create customizable workflows, and search for and view data assets across multiple domains.

The Omni-Gen Omni Governance Console also includes the Data Profiler tool that lets stewards run reports on, display, analyze and query data assets at their disposal. The Remediation Portal tool enables stewards to easily monitor and resolve data issues; it also automatically tracks and generates a trail of every change made to designated master records in the system.

Omni-Gen features an integrated development environment for the of data models, functional specifications for source data and data policies, and rules to help improve data quality. This built-in development environment facilitates better communication between those accessing and using the system and the IT staff involved in designing its functionality. It allows organizations to import existing data models (in XMI format) and enables multiple developers to collaborate on one model to help speed up implementation times.

Who benefits from using the Omni-Gen data governance tool?

The platform is designed for use by large enterprises, but would benefit companies of all sizes because of its wide range of data governance and management tools. Its combination of tools for both line-of-business and IT users makes it useful for enterprises with large teams that are focused on the organization's data efforts. Its multiple editions, which gain in subsequent functionality, also make it a viable choice for organizations that require only certain data-related tools, which reduces spending. And because Omni-Gen offers all of its data governance and management tools in one package, organizations can centralize all of their key data assets, policies and rules for easy access, and management by users enterprise-wide.

How is Omni-Gen licensed and priced?

The Integration Edition offers tools and features for data monitoring, profiling and real-time data integration. The Data Quality Edition includes all of the features of the Integration Edition and adds tools for data remediation and for creating data rules and policies. The Master Data Management Edition combines the features of the Integration and Data Quality versions and adds enhanced tools for data management, data analytics and data mapping, as well as integration capabilities with customer relationship management and enterprise resource software. Each edition can be deployed on-premises or hosted via private or public cloud. The software is priced by domain and master record, so contact Information Builders directly to get a quote. Information Builders also provides a number of support services for and existing users.

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